COS Pre-Alpha Footage

Published on Nov 13, 2014

After discovering Citadel of Sorcery, the pre alpha, online game and read everything I could find, I was inspired to help in whatever small or big way I could. This is my first attempt to do just that.

This is footage and screenshots of their pre alpha mmo that I have gathered and put together to show the progress of even the graphics and art. And keep in mind, the graphics and art is not even their primary focus at this stage of development. Building the best game, world, class/race, and story engine is.

You can learn more about Citadel of Sorcery (CoS) at their Home Page at

You can also check out their FB page at and their YouTube page at

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Interview with CoS CEO Phil Blood
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Just a clip from the Phil Blood interview -
When asked to describe Citadel of Sorcery, the CEO Phil Blood (what a great name for a MMO designer) had this to say:
"Phil Blood: Citadel of Sorcery is a Triple A, Fantasy MMORPG title. This game was designed from the ground up to give new and better game play. At the heart of our game, we feature deep epic quests worthy of novels and movies. Your story is personal, and you will not go through the game in the same way as every other player. What you do and the choices you make matter. The game does away with many of the limits typically imposed on players, allowing you to make your own character class and customize all of your equipment, in both powers and looks. Combat is not a slug fest; it involves strategy and opponents that will use varying intelligence, group tactics and learning A.I. Crafting is done through adventures and takes all of the tedious repetitive parts away. PVP is featured in an Arena where other players may watch and wager. Guilds own land, Guild Halls, and can give or lease land to their members, who build their own functioning villages and towns, running their own shops. Stories are not episodic, and enemies and friends you make along the way continue throughout your adventures. Explore what may be the largest MMORPG fantasy gaming world in existence, the full size of earth, easily 9 million times larger than a typical fantasy MMORPG. No player will EVER see it all. Citadel of Sorcery changes nearly everything about this genre, bringing what players have wanted in their MMO game for years."

As it is said in the game:
"All is not lost as long as one hero is true... Be the One"

If you are so moved, help them help us players have the MMO we have been asking for, that we deserve and sooner rather than later. This team has invested millions of dollars and years of their professional life on this project and they guarantee it will happen, the only question is, how soon? Do your research and then consider being a part of their Patron Team, I know I will be.

Three of the four tracks played are from Two Steps From Hell -
They are Heart of Courage (No Choir)
A Hero's Return
Never Winter (No Choir)

The final track is unique in-house game music for CoS.

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