InterNap Chicago, Il DDOS Attack

Feb 22 2014 09:46:53 PM PT

InterNap Chicago, Il DDOS Attack

A message from NFOservers via Teamspeak 3 server.

We had been effectively blocking an extremely large DDoS attack in Chicago when one of Internap's providers dropped, causing attack traffic to be forced over other links in Chicago and saturating Internap's network. We are currently working with Internap to address this, but in the meantime, we are seeing high latencies and packet loss to many customers at this location, as well as client disconnections.


Feb 22 2014 10:38:28 PM PT As we described in a separate post, our TS3 server in Chicago is currently null-routed and therefore offline, due to a massive attack in Chicago and concurrent issue with one of Internap's upstreams. We will need to leave this in place until the upstream brings back up its link to Internap. They have not yet provided an ETA on this but it is a serious problem that they are working to resolve ASAP.

Update @ 12:25am CST The attack was against our TS3 server and we were forced to null-route it, and to additionally perform other emergency routing measures to make the null actually take effect, since some providers still don't support remote-triggered black-holes.The NSP that failed in Chicago and in turn caused the attack to take down the entire location is saying that it was due to a power failure. Internap is following up with them and they are working on repairing the equipment.


Due to these issues, Rising Phoenix Gaming is working our hardest with NFO to bring the server back online. We will keep updating as things change.

Thanks, Management.