RPG @ GameCom

Today was my first day here in Cologne. It was all so big that I just got to walk around and see whats up there. I had a look at the new X-Box, even had the joy to test it out for a few minutes. It is very nice what they came up with i guess that will be very hard for any other "Playbox" beat what they can do. I like the idea of that third thump stick. All the surveillance that little black cube does every split second to check your temperature, hartrate and so on. The possibilities are endless and I can´t wait what kind of Games will be served with that highly intelligent piece of technology that will enter most homes soon.

But all that survey of what is going on in my living room is far to much for me. Till now i was just afraid that someone might hack my web cam and watches me sleeping. Now I am afraid that someone might watch me kissing my girlfriend and..... you may leave that to your imagination. Maybe Google is collecting Data about my internet usage but now Microsoft has direct access to my living Room. I might not like it but hey maybe you will.

Later I went to the beautiful built Blizzard area. Here is where I stop writing about those #+#!"$ because so unfriendly bunch of asses. So screw them. Nothing special any way to say about that 3 successful Games company anyway. So dear Blizzard as promised I wont write about your Games, no pictures and ... oh no Videos. Because you "that’s a quote line for line I got from them: Hey you. Hey you with the camera. I tell you the same as I told others I personally don´t like you filming. Blizzard doesn´t wont any of your shaky footage to end up on YouTube or any other internet platform. We wan´t to show only good footage of our quality Games" so I said I have a stand for my cam so it wont be shaky at all! "No, go away that is bad advertisement for us. Get away or I will report you to security".

So here are my personal statement to that event, I wait for Facebook to invent the punch button.
Then I will punch guys all day long till you come to sense and back on the ground.

So now that I have scouted a few good Games I will try my best to get to the Shows so maybe there I will get some shaky footage for you guys. And all will be released over the next few days via our YouTube channel and our Forums. To read more about Games Com visit our Forums there will be all Games that I saw reviewed. I will start Sunday with that and Monday our Videos will start.

Have fun