Update 16-NOV-14

Hello all.

We like to welcome Nadel to the Moderation/Admin team. He will be helping us with articles and research for the website. Please welcome him with open arms. Next, We have a forum that works perfectly. Just register and post your heart out.

We also have a new menus on top of page. The Associations. It has our guilds, groups, etc under it. Citadel of Sorcery Miles militis of Caecus Lux Lucis, Star Citizen Interstellar Materials & Transportation, and World of Warcraft Elite Society of Azeroth of Turalyon if the GM wants it to be involved.

Lastly, Teamspeak. Akuma, Dom, and Nadel are usually on Teamspeak. If you want to meet, mention anything, hangout, let us know.

ip:   rpg.ts.nfoservers.com:13110



RPG Administration.