New type of MMO

Ok folks I mentioned this game a while back, i think in November or so 2012. So anyway, Citadel of Sorcery is a MMORPG in Development that is taking out all the stops and doing things that have nevver been done before. From personalizing the game to the player, to no class or level structure, to a 900 million Kilometer planet (larger than the earth) for players to run around in and explore. All with no instances, loading screens and 300kilometer view range.

To give you an idea of the scale, the entire world of World of Warcraft sows as a dot on one of the continents in Citadel of Sorcery.

If you look at the images and videos that are released today they will all state clearly "pre alpha graphics" believe it or not there have been an ass load of players who were too stupid to understand what that means. they got angry with the devs that the graphics weren't the best on the market... Pre alpha means not fully enabled.. get a clue tards. and we wonder why devs have been lazy the last 15 years.

Anyway I will be creating a page on the website here in the next week or two that will give a lot of insider information on what the game is. if you want to check it out and maybe even pledge some cash to help it out here is the link :


Akuma Wraith