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Citadel of Sorcery was started with the idea of bringing better game play to MMORPGs. So much so that we don’t consider our game anything like other MMOs that you may have played in the past.

Most other MMOs can be simply described as a game where you kill monsters to gain experience so you can kill bigger monsters. Quests in these other MMOs usually consist of simple grocery list tasks that they call quests, but are really just simple tasks such as, “Fetch me four goblin skulls”. To finish this type of task you simply go out and kill goblins until you find enough skulls to fill your grocery list. Now, repeat 800 times.

Citadel of Sorcery will never send you on a grocery list quest… not once. When our game offers you a quest it will be a real story and the choices you make during your adventure will change the outcome. Not everyone will go through the same quests, or in the same sequence, or have the details of the quest be quite the same. The main reason is choice. What you choose along the path will change the flow and outcome of the quest. Each Quest may take several days or even longer to complete, and at the end there will be a true climax. These Quests are also knitted together by ongoing story elements, rather than completely unconnected episodes.

But there is more… we are also making a world that changes as time moves on. Each day the world and the overall story continue. Do not expect to always see the same thing everywhere you go. The actions that players take can affect the world, and change it. Everywhere you go new things are happening each day. NPCs live their lives; they don’t stand around in the same place day and night. This game takes place in a living, changing world in which you have deep and satisfying adventures while working toward a grand climactic ending for your character.

Because of these VAST changes to the fantasy MMO game model, we are doing many things very differently than what you have come to expect in other MMO games. So please, do not expect to find what you see in other MMO games or you will be disappointed. Instead, come to Citadel of Sorcery if you want to try a new kind of experience, with a far richer world, and more interesting stories and engaging quests. Words and acronyms like PVP, crafting, PVE ganking, grinds, etc. have little meaning to our game. Comparing Citadel of Sorcery to other fantasy MMOs is like comparing bananas to apples… they’re both fruit, but they are completely different in all other ways, just as our game is different from other MMOs. Keep an open mind for something new, and perhaps you will enjoy this new type of playing adventure when you try Citadel of Sorcery.

For a quick idea of what it’s like to play our game, try reading through the Tour, which is a small excerpt of one of our quests from the standpoint of a player.

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